Around n around….

Well….here goes nuthin’!  I didn’t wanna write nuthin’ right away, ’cause i didn’t wanna make it seem like anyone is bad.  So I’m just say it here now tho.  On March 5th 2010 I was adopted by Dakota Lawksley n I’m real yreal happy now.  I gotta sister named Ela n I gotta forever sissy named Keani still n my life is just real excitin’ n i love it.  But there isn’t anythin’ at all wrong with mys old family, n i don’t want anyone thinkin’ that just stuff changes n has’ta be re-worked out n how it goes, n so now I’m movin’ on to a new chapter, one that will hopefully be more permanent, ’cause my emotions are so haywire from so much change n now stuff is finally settlin’ down to where i feel like i can talk bout it.


Anyways mommy n sissy n me all live on da most beautiful island, n so now i’m gunna share some of mys favorite pics from our first week or so at home.

friend n sister time1_001

This is me n ela n ina middle is mys bestest friend olga, i love her so much, we have so much fun doin’ stuff like goin’ to RFM together n doin’ events n workin’ at club dancin’ tots, n i love my sister tons too of course! 

makin' mommy a pretty picshur_001

This is me makin’ mommy a pretty picture!  I bought da easel at fifty linden friday n i love it!  ‘cept at da time i was drawin’ mommy a picture ’cause her got all addicted to plurk!~giggles~

in bubbles!2_001

Yesterday Mr. Cooljoke came over n he gave us bubbles n we all played lots n bounced n mommy took videos n it’s was jus so so fun n i laughed so much n i love times like dat!

porch swing_001

This is me n sissy n mommy on our porch swing in front of our new house which is so so so awesome n pretty n i love it n my family so so much!


This is my favorite pic i took this week of me n mommy snugglin’ 😀


Da sunrise is so so beautiful from ours balcony

where we live1_001

n dis is where we live, isn’t it so so pretty?

Well I gunna try’ta blog more now i just had so much emotions n i needed to calm down before i wrote what all had happened, but now i am so so happy n i don’t never want this feelin’ to end.

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