Holdays are real special to me, especially since bein’ on sl n havin’ n absolutely amazin’ family, n even the lil’ holidays, like not christmas or easter even but lil’ ones like St. Patrick’s Day, feel special ’cause I have people to go n do funny silly stuff with, n there’s hunts n free stuff n parties n it makes me truly feel like a kid.  n i guess also it’s nice dat holidays now are jus’ fun, n meant to be celebated n spent with family, n, ina world with a first life childhood that involved growin’ up in a religious cult that means all the fun stuff from a holiday was dredged out as “pagan” n all the stuff left was twisted into cruel, sick ways, it’s nice’ta feel like i can now see the world how it was mean’ta be seen, n so this is how the las’ couple days went for me, shown in pictures 😀

clover chair1_001

happy st. patricks day1_001

I have no idea which hunt i wont both of those things on but they made great pics n were real awesome.  Which is kina funny, that i would get into doin’ hunts so much, but i guess the more of a challenge somethin’ is the more i wanna prove i can do it n not give up!  n yeah sometimes friends come to help me “see” around a store n find a prize, but most’a the time it feels real real good to do it on my own. ~grins~


This was dinner atsa orphanage, (where my mommy works) in willowdale on Tuesday night.  There were other people there, but this is jus’ me n mommy n Mr. Cooljoke, he is so so funny ne he kept stuffin’ chicken in his hat n then he said he could pull all kindsa stuff out like a bunny! (you can barely see da bunny tho it’s ona other side of my plate kinda hidin)  ‘cept then late mommy says he musta’ pulled out some of that sleepytime tea cause he fell asleep ~giggles~

st.patricks day march17th2010_001

This is me on St. Patrick’s Day, n yet again i dunno where i got the lil’ clover seat thingy but it was cute!


And this is me n olga, (well n other random people i dunno hehe) atsa vortex on St. Patrick’s Day, n olga even won da contest yay olga! 😀

RFM st patricks dayAnd this is me n olga at RFM on St. Patrick’s Day…we’re cute, ’cause mommy said so even! hehe


Snuggles are always good after a long day of partyin’!~nods lots~

rfm pj partt march 18th_001

N this is RFM’s pj party this mornin’, n i just stuck it in here in case i don’t blog for a lil while again.

Life just feels real happy n cozy n i feel so blessed to have all the friends n family i do, there’s a reason to wake up now, to crawl outta bed even on the hardest days ’cause i know there will be people waitin’ to see me n who wanna spend time with me n that makes it all worth fightin’ for. 

“Those things that we fight for are far more precious to us then those things that fall into our laps—life is precious—FIGHT FOR IT!”  This was a direct quote from my college entrance exam essay, n it’s somethin’ i’ve always said, but lately life feels so amazin’, so truly precious n worth the fight it is to make it thru.  So if you’ve been a parta my second life in anyway, thank you, ’cause you’re my reason n thats somethin’ way way special.

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