These are the days

So some people from my past came creepin’ up on my family lately, they thought they could knock me down n say untrue stuff, but it didn’t work, my family stands by me no matter what, n i have the most amazin’ family n friends ever!  I’m not gunna get ina drama, I stay outta their way n all I can say is I feel sorry for them if they ever try’ta hurt me or anybody in my family cause we don’t put up with that!

So onto more happy stuff!  Man it’s been a while n some stuff has changed but mostly it’s all good cept a lil sad that I lost my sister keani, but it’s ok because in the end I learned just how strong this love is that I’m surrounded by an also I gotta god daddy now!  Hims name is McDogs Cooljoke n cept i jus’ call him daddy ~giggles~  n i gotta new god sister n brother them is jodie n ben n i love them lots n lots!  I love my family, I love how it all fits together so naturally, n how no matter what happens, even when scary things from the past try to get to me, they don’t never let go.  Life is good n happy n that’s all there is to it.

I made this video a while back but I’ma share it here now ’cause I ain’t had time to make a new one yet n cause this page needs some happiness on it!

These are the days  (click der to watch)

oh!  n in case anybody asks dats notta weddin’ in da video it’s one of my bestest friends Sunshine’s adoption ceremony it was absolutely beautiful n i felt so blessed to be a part of it!

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