Our Kind of Love

If someone had told me 6 months ago where I would be today, happy, safe, loved and surrounded by da most amazin’ family n friends ever, i wouldda laughed, ’cause 6 months ago i was in a deep dark sad place n now life is just so….amazin’.  It’s been so long since i last posted, but only cause my real life has been so so busy! 

I just wanna share briefly dat big mes is for da first time ever livin’ on her own in real life n we’re learnin’ how’ta does so much stuff like ridin’ buses n cookin’ n cleanin’ n silly stuff to lotsa people, but when you’ve lived your whole life trul believin’ you aren’t capable, even walkin’ to da store to get doughnuts is a big big huge deal.

Anywayz I’ve made 2 videos since i last blogged n here is one of dem i’m gunna post.

Our Kind of Love

Dis video was so fun to make cause it was based on a real special family day me, mommy, daddy n jodie had, where we went n rode horses ound n dat was just super fun n its got some other bits n odds n ends too bout silly stuff n fun n family.  I love makin’ videos n bein’ able to put into somethin’ other people can see a lil bit of da love n friendship dat makes my second life so truly special.

n den i finished dis video yesterday:

My Destiny

I got lotsa pics from prom in dis one n i wished i’d not been movin’ durin graduation so i couldda been der n tooked pics too, cept dis is mostly just more random stuffs, i had planned to does mother’s n father’s day videos for mommy n daddy but life jus got so busy cept more den anythin’ i just love my family n feel so grateful for dem n my friends too!  cause da last few months have been full of so many ups n downs n broken hearts from loosin’ a real life love n moodiness from steriods n celebration when i went ina remission n grumps n groans n laughter n love n it’s been a crazy road, but i wouldn’t trade none of it for anythin’ in dis world.

For now dis is da monkey girl signin’ off to go finds some cookies!

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