So Small….

Yep so here I am again!  Well I made a new video ’cause i wanted to get these pics into somethin’ I could capture in a memory so i had room for camp pics so it’s a bit rushed n i’m not quite as proud of it like i am my other videos, but still it’s ok so here it is.

So Small–my second life

Anywayz so camp is comin’ up *TOMORROW* n i dunno if i’ve ever been so excited!!  I mean yeah i went to winter camp, but i didn’t know really what I was gettin’ into, I really knew absolutely nobody n i felt really overwhelmed n frustrated n very alone, it wasn’t anyone’s fault, i was really sick in rl at the time n so i was grumpy n things got on my nerves n i took things people said way too personally. 

But anyway this time i know some people, sort of, from my cabin, n the most awesome thing is that we are talkin’ tons in our group n so i feel like i know these girls some already now n that i’m gunna have friends n not feel so afraid to just have fun n be myself.

It’s gunna be n awesome time n i’m gunna miss my family n friends who aren’t comin’ but I will most likely be on my blog n on plurk to talk all about it so it might even feel just like you are right there with me….maybe. 

Nite nite for now tho ’cause i gotta get some sleep soon if I wanna enjoy tomorrow!

packin' for camp!

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