loved n safe n other fun stuff!

Yesterday was such n amazin’ day, mommy went n got two of da coolest things ever, (well Brianna has them for Keani so i had already seen them, but now i get’ta use them too!)  she got a thing she can rez n then i can hop on n she can carry me round town, we can’t do it everywhere,but it was so fun to walk around town like that!  I would’ve taken pics of that, but i was too busy just regessing a little into true 4 year old mode n watchin’ the world pass by from the safety of my mommy’s arms n it was just da most amazin’ feelin’ in the whole world!  n da other thing she got was a swing hugger so she can actually scoop me up n hug me n tha’s jus so awesomes!

snugglin' in mommy's bed_001

This is me n mommy in her bed snugglin’


I didn’t want bedtime to come last night, i really didn’t, but i also felt small n safe n loved n so i fell right asleep for mommy.

n when i woke up this mornin’,  even tho mommy isn’t gunna be home til tomorrow,  n i knew i was gunna miss her so so soooo much, i took this picture of our house, (we live in the purple one) ’cause even just seein’ where we live, makes me happy ’cause i love Willowdale, it’s the most awesome place ever n i’m so lucky my family gets to live there!

view of our house_001


So today I kinda just hung around….


But then my friend Olga came over n we got ready for the event at Rainbow Family Misfits Club together, i love those people, they are all truely like a second family to me, n today they made me not miss my mommy so much because we had so much fun dancin’!

purple day at rainbow family misfits club2_002

purple day at rainbow family misfits club4_001

n then after dancin’ n the event, (which was purple day in case yous can’t tell!~giggles~) we went fishin’ n i had never done that before but we had so much fun n i made like 7th place but they even gave me a prize n so i gotta fishin’ hat now n i caught a dolphin! so it was real fun.

me n olga fishin'_001

I’m doin’ other stuff too n I’ll write bout that later maybe, but right now I just feel real happy n i miss mommy n sissy tons, but i guess the best thing bout this love is that it lasts n so even when they aren’t with me, i feel it still n it gets me thru.

So I’ll write more laterz!

New Starts Are Amazin’!

~editted cause some real life info originally was here so this post wont make as much sense as it once did….~

And the other excitin’ news is that we moved into an awesome family fiendly sim called willowdale our house is right next’a the library n best of all, it’s purple!!

So I wanted to share this stuff here n i of course took lotsa new pics so here goes!

jumpin' on bed_001

Dis is me n sissy jumpin’ ona bed in ours new bedroom all decorated with lil mermaid stuffs!

chillin on da couch_001

dis is me n keani n brianna ona couch aren’t we so cutes?

me n mommy jayla_001

Dis is me n mys mommy jayla i love hers so so soooo muches!


Dis is from today when me n sissy went to visit Ms. Dakota, she’s awesome n so nice n da boy ina picshur i fink his name is jacob, he’s new n lives atsa orphanage in willowdale.

I’l prolly has more to say later i jus wanted to put all dis in here.

PS:  My old mommy n family is n are not bad people, but the choices they make, the people they chose to associate with are not kid friendly, n it was the hardest choice to leave that behind, but i had to in order to protect myself.

New Home–new start

So mys mommy sweety left mys mommy sophitia, so now it’s jus’ mes n mommy sophi n tha’s kays ’cause me n her are gunna bes together forever n we aren’t ever gunna let nobody tear us apart ever again, we let tha’s happen once n not ever gain, so we had’ta findsa new place to live.  .  . 

n it was hard ’cause we ain’t gotmuch money right now so we couldn’t live anywhere we wanted to, but that will change soon, for now we’re rentin’ this cute lil’ house on the beach n it’s nice, it’s nice to finally have a place to call home n to not be bouncin’ round n not knowin’ where we will end up.

me n mommy ona balcony2_001

It’s not much, but the view is nice.  .  .  mys new room!_001

n mys bedroom is real cute n has pictures of my favorite people right over my bed!

me n mommy ona balcony_001


All in all it was a good end to n exhaustin’ day!

Today was pretty excitin’ too buuuutttt….i’ma share that tomorrow mornin’ i promise! 

nite nite world!

Lots to catch up on!

Life ran away with me, I sorta’ missed the last few days of camp due to bein’ sick, but i got some stuff to share, from my time at camp, so these are just some of my favorite pics!



group pic on da ice at camp_001cabin wars1_001

sendin' emails from camp_001


I took tons more pics n therereally is so so so much more i wanted to say bout camp, it wasn’t like life changin’ or nuthin’ but i did make friends n it was n awesome experience, there was lots i couldn’t do n got frustrated bout but in the end it was awesome n it’s n experience i’m real glad i got’ta have. 

I’m real sleepy n i still got stuff i need to say bout my rl birthday n stuff, n i’ll do that tomorrow, for now, nite nite!

First night at camp!

I never expected it to be this roller coaster ride of emotions, or to feel like i wanted to cry one moment and then be so excited n full of wonder the next, but tha’s exactly how stuff went.  After some big major misunderstandin’ last night tha’s all cleared up now i wanna talk bout the fun stuff!

almost times!_001

After waitin’for what seemed like forever, our cabin finally got called n it was off to da airport!

atsa airport!_001

n then to stand in line to gets tickets….

waitin' in line for' mys ticket_001

n then wait n wait to board da plane!

waitin to board da plane_001


but finally we’s was on da planes n ready for take off!

on da plane!_001


gettin’ to camp was n adventure i don’t ‘zactly wanna repeat n sorta’ it was real frustratin’ n at first i just didn’t even wanna go ’cause it was so much trouble but then we got there n stuff turned out fun but i’ma close this off with showin’ off my bunk n wait to see what today has in store! 

my bunk!_001

sleepin' goodnites!_001

Don’t Laugh At Me. . .

Don’t Laugh At Me

I’m sure they never meant Second Life for the visually impaired, in fact most people when I tell them I’m legally blind in real life, think I’m lying.  I can see, or I wouldn’t be there at all obviously, but it’s a challenge, that’s for sure, but it’s not one I’ve ever wanted to share with the world.  It’s actually the least of the obstacles in my life that I’ve had to over come, so I don’t even think about it, and usually it doesn’t even matter.  .  .  but when it does matter, it feels like the biggest slap in the face from life.

I don’t like to name names, and so I won’t, actually, I *can’t* I didn’t save the names of people, they certainly weren’t on my friends list, I didn’t want to feel embarassed, I didn’t want to be singled out, but I think this world wasn’t meant for me.  In so many ways it’s amazing, I love the sense of family I have, I love that I can do real life kid things like go to school, go to camp, and play!  I love that I can walk, I mean I bump into things, people, I can’t build, I can’t even really move my own objects around very well, but I try, and I’m stubborn, I don’t usually even like asking for help, I just sort of wander, I’m used to it.

I guess it just hit me, people don’t know, they couldn’t have, so it doesn’t matter really, I’m ok….I *will* be ok, I’ll try again when it’s not so laggy, and when I can figure out why my mic comes on without me asking it to!  I try so hard to be the quiet kid, to blend in, to hide and not stick out, after a first life of being the medical miracle, or this amazing person that people stare at because I’m different, all I ever wanted, was to just be a kid, who nobody noticed, because I was the same, I wasn’t, “that blind girl”, or “gimpy in the wheelchair.”  I wanted, I craved that normalness, and maybe that’s silly, but I just feel so fragile and vulnerable right now. 

I’m 4….i mean emotionally, when I’m in SL playing, so things hit me hard and fast, and then they leave, so I’ll get over it, maybe I’m just being over dramatic, but I’m also in a lot of pain and I should probably call it a night and just go to bed….so for tonight, I’m just going to sit on the sidelines, and try to convince myself that tomorrow is a new day, and that I can try again then.

Good night world

part one, gettin’ ready for camps!

Well, I’s gunna does 2 blogs today, ’cause camp ain’t even started yet, but i gots 2 hours time to kills so i’s gunna hafta run mys big mouth n see if camp comes any faster then! hehe

packin' for camps1_001

Well da day started off predictable enough doin’ last minute packin’ (n even some shoppin, psst mommy?  i need a bigger allowance ~giggless~)

all ready for camp1_001

n then i was jus gunna sit n wait….n wait….n wait some more but mommy says doin’ stuff makes time go faster so this is how i spent da rest of mine days! 

First i went to a Kim Seifert concert!  I’s kinda a stalker, i mean not really, i jus’ first heard her sing at burnin’ life this past year, loved her n so when i heard she was singin’ for 2 hours today i thought, yay!  no better way to hear her sing so that was neat, i love hearin’ her sing amazin’ grace n she does it at the end of every concert n anywayz tha’s was fun n she did somethin’ real funny she song this thing called monster crash, but to da tune of monster mash n we all wore masks n it was so silly!

do da monster crash!!  rawr!!

do da monster crash!! rawr!!

at kim's concert before camp_001

At kim's concert bein' her munchkin stalker! :D

n just now i was wonderin’ how on earth i was gunna stand it to wait any longer til camp so i’m hangin’ out at the vortex n writin’ this blog n now it’s just n hour n a half more so, i’ma dance way til camp, see ya’ all there soon!

dancin' way da time til camp

dancin' way da time til camp

The night before. . .

I don’t care what mommy says, I’m not sleepin’ tonite!

not sleepy_001

It’s been so excitin’ the last couple days, for one thing I actually went to school not jus’ once but twice this week!  Iguess I used to be real skeptical that I would like school or fit in, my first school experience on SL did not go over real good, they kinda made fun of me at that school, (not HKE of course!) n lotsa what they did was buildin’ n i didn’t wanna tell them why i can’t build, so it was embarassin’, but i’m not the kinda person to wanna get pecial treatment ’cause i gotta disability, tha’s jus’ not who i am n so i sorta’ was worried, but school has turned out to be real fun n even a great place to meet friends n today i even got invited to a birthday party!

jodie's birthday party_001

So yeah that was lotsa fun n i guess it’s just been a real eye opener that i’m not gunna always be this quiet awkward kid tha’s don’t talk’ta nobody ’cause i just need to know people want me ’round n stuff n today was proof of that!  n now there is camp to look forward to n i’m so so soooooooo excited!!!

I never got to go to camp for real not as a kid neither, well not the fun kind, so i’ll leave it as that, n lately on SL i just feel so loved by my family, so safe n truly small n like i belong n now i’m even seein’ i can make friends too n tha’s a whole new experience one i sucked at as a biological kid, but now it’s like a whole new start n everythin’ feels so amazin’ n i can’t wait to see what happens soon, especially tomorrow!  Yay!!  I can’t wait!

So yeah.  .  .  ~yawnin’ a lil’~  i dunno if i can listen to mommy n sleep tonite, i’m way too excited this is gunna bes awesome!

Mys Sissy Keani

prayin' for mys sissy_001


I gots lots in my heart today, but the thing that’s weighin’ most on it is missin’ mys sissy keani.  hers gone to the doctors today so they can get stuff ready for hers surgery n the closer tha’s day gets the more worried i get too.  I talked to mys mommy bout it’s, i told her hows scared i is tha’s i won’t get much time left with her n she says i gotta be strong for mys sissy n not let her knows how scared i is, ‘cept me n mys sissy is so close n our hearts is so entwined togethes tha’s her knows ina instant if i’s not kays, n lately, i’s very nots kays.

I’s notsa prayin’ kinda kid, ushualie i’s jus bounces round enjoyin’ life buts todays i been spendin’ lotsa times sendin’ alla good thots n healin’ energy i can, ’cause i know i says hers likes n angel been sent into mys life, but please, i’s not ready for hers to bes n angel in heaven yets.  .  .  n maybes tha’s sounds selfish, but i’s jus 4 n all i know is i want mys sissy with me.

My second life!

Mys name is Maya Gelbert n I’m 4 years old.  I live in second life with mys mommies Sophitia Brune n Sweety Jefferson.  I also gotta older sister names Brianna Kytori n her little girl Keani Zufruer is mys sister, technicalie her is my cousin, but we’s bonded as sisters n tha’s just the way it is!

I goes to Hardknock Elementary School n I’s in Ms. Tabitha Binder’s class, I love goin’ to school n most of all makin’ new friends!

This next week I’ma get the chance to goes to my very first camp n i’m so excited, so I figured what better time to revive my blog, then right now!

So this is me, sittin’ on my suitcase, to pack for camp! hehe

This is da ways we packs for camps lalala hehe!

This is da ways we packs for camps lalala hehe!


kays tha’s all for nows!

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